The general public at-risk group covers public safety incidents involving renovations, do-it-yourself (DIY), vehicles and vandalism. This group also includes public workers. Educating drivers, homeowners, farmers, builders and other members of the public about electricity safety remained a priority.

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2019-20 Strategies

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Continue to engage Essential Energy’s Customer Advocacy Group to provide insight into planned public safety activities for all at-risk groups.

Continue partnership opportunities with SafeWork NSW, including awareness programs relating to work, health and safety compliance for public workers.

Engage the Roads and Maritime Service to investigate ‘Black Spot’ poles identified through incident analysis.

Attend AgQuip, Henty and Primex Field Days to promote safety messages and engage with the community on public safety matters.

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Deliver and continue to improve the School Safety Program, including Electricity Safety Week in September each year. For further information about the Program visit our website.

Promote the bushfire risk mitigation activities that we undertake through our Vegetation Management Plan, communicating the importance of clearance zones.

Direct members of the community to our Plan Before You Plant guidelines for planting around powerlines and the tree-trimming distances required to reduce the risk of bushfires.

During the storm season (October to March), promote safety messages about what to do before, during and after severe weather events. These include:

  • always stay at least eight metres away from fallen powerlines and avoid contact with them
  • look out for indicators of damage to the electricity network
  • after a flood, always have a qualified electrician inspect all wiring before turning electricity supply back on.  

To address the incident rate of vehicles contacting the electricity network distribute a local media release reminding the public to look out for electricity infrastructure.

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Continue to engage with the general public through our online engagement platform,
Essential Engagement. This enables our customers to provide feedback and engage in discussion around important issues, such as vegetation management, in an easy to use, real-time environment.

The engagement approach also facilitates direct contact between Essential Energy and our Customer Advocacy Group. To have your say, visit our website.