The building at-risk industry group covers public safety incidents involving construction and demolition work involving excavation, underboring/trenching and domestic/industrial construction activities.

Program updates

2019-20 Strategies

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Investigate providing construction industry associations with information on working safely around construction sites.

Participate in the Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) program, which is important for construction-related activities operating within Essential Energy’s footprint. We email a fact sheet to everyone within our footprint who requests one through DBYD.

Actively seek partnership opportunities with SafeWork NSW on construction-related initiatives.

Engage key stakeholders and associations to promote public safety around the electrical network.

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Target high-incidence locations by distributing local media releases to these areas.

Provide copies of the new Underground Powerline Safety and Awareness video to operators of construction machinery at events such as Field Days.

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Provide construction-related fact sheets and DVDs that address electrical hazard awareness. These are available at no cost and can be ordered or downloaded here.

Promote the availability of overhead electricity network maps so operators of construction machinery can identify potential overhead risks at sites. For more information visit our website.

Encourage requests for powerline markers for construction sites — call 13 20 80.