The agribusiness at-risk group covers public safety incidents involving farming-related activities. When it comes to potential dangers for members of the Agribusiness Industry working around powerlines and other network infrastructure, Essential Energy advocates the four key safety messages called LAND.

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2019-20 Strategies

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Continue to engage with NSW Farmers' Association and relevant representative bodies on important safety messages for their members.

Facilitate ongoing dialogue with agricultural groups through their membership of the Customer Advocacy Group.

Attend AgQuip, Henty and Primex Field Days to promote safety messages and engage with the community on public safety matters.

After an incident, make direct contact with members of the relevant agribusiness sector to provide additional safety information.

Continue to engage with the cotton industry to share safety messaging with members.

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Implement seasonal harvest safety campaigns for grain, cotton and sugarcane industries.

Continue to promote storm safety messaging that advises landowners to look for indicators of potential network damage e.g. burnt areas in paddocks, injured or downed livestock, smoke or fallen trees.

Safety messages will also be deployed during sowing season.

Continue to promote vigilance during stubble burn-off.

Encourage the community to order powerline markers where relevant to assist with agribusiness safety, share information on the use of this equipment.

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Through the Essential Energy website, provide land-owners with free safety stickers, gate signs, DVDs and posters to assist with communicating safety messages on their properties. There are also fact sheets covering many agribusiness topics. View our resources here.

Provide maps of the overhead electricity network through our website to assist with identifying potential risks. View our maps here.

Through our website, facilitate landowner enquiries about powerline markers, requests for overhead
electricity network maps and download our farm hazard assessment form. Visit our website.