This Public Electrical Safety Awareness Plan (PESAP) outlines the key initiatives and campaigns Essential Energy is undertaking to raise electrical safety awareness in our communities and across key industry sectors.

Our key objectives are to

Raise awareness and improve understanding in the general community and in priority industry sectors about safety hazards associated with the electrical distribution network.

Foster positive, proactive association with our communities to increase awareness about electrical safety.

Identify areas of risk and implement strategies to prevent incidents resulting from interaction with the network.

Demonstrate Essential Energy’s commitment to the safety of everyone interacting with our network.

The PESAP is regularly updated to reflect our latest incident analysis, ensuring our electrical safety awareness programs target those groups most at risk of incidents involving the electricity network.

Identified at-risk groups

We will continue to invest in improving our data analysis capabilities so we can

Identify trends, patterns and anomalies in safety performance

Determine and predict emerging issues or risks

Understand effectiveness of preventative and corrective actions

Utilise the outcomes of data analysis to inform decision making, resource allocation and development of targeted programs